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This salve is as much about what’s in it as what is behind it. Our ingredients have a rich history in both skin care and mythology. Frankincense resin, known for its skin-regenerating properties, has been used for centuries in religious and cosmetic rituals. Boswellia extract, a close relative of frankincense, has anti-inflammatory benefits for the skin. myrrh resin, with biblical significance as a valuable gift given by the three wise men, has been used for thousands of years for its skin-soothing properties. Colorado honey, known for its antibacterial properties, is combined with fresh beeswax cappings (filled with fibroblasts and amino acids) from Boulder, CO, to create a natural protective barrier for the skin. The final touch is a blend of pastured emu oil and jojoba oil, to leave your skin deeply moisturized and nourished, no matter the climate or elements you face.

Sovereign Salve | Frankincense & Tallow | Kossma

SKU: 3803
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