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A tallow-based, fragrance-free beauty balm that is an ultra rich, all-purpose treatment targeting dry skin. Because of its occlusive properties and as a remedy for dry, parched, and mature skin, Tallow Beauty Balm brings dewy freshness back into the complexion. For normal skin types, we recommend it as the last step in a skin care regimen to seal in product and restore a healthy barrier function. 

Our nourishing formulation boasts a foundation of grass-fed tallow combined with tucuma butter, jojoba oil, and untreated cocoa butter to deliver a potent blend that moisturizes and heals the skin. The centerpiece of our formulation is the freshest beeswax cappings, which serves as a protective barrier for the skin while also containing resins and antioxidants that safeguard the skin against environmental aggressors like pollution, smoke, and dirt. It also captures any underlying hydrosol, serum, or oil for deep and comprehensive absorption into the skin.

Tallow Beauty Balm | Kossma

SKU: 3804
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