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The Importance of Making the Switch to Clean Deodorant: Why You Should Make the Change

One thing that is often overlooked by patients is what they are putting on their skin. A method of administration of medications is topical. Most often topical administration means application to body surfaces such as the skin or mucous membranes, including creams, foams, gels, lotions, and ointments. This is the very reason that it matters so much what cosmetics and personal products are used. Any ingredients in those products can be absorbed into the body and cause disruption and lead to potential toxicity.

Our endocrine system exists to keep our body in balance to guide proper growth and development.  Endocrine disrupting compounds (EDC's) or chemicals, or mixture of chemicals, that interfere with normal hormone function. Endocrine disruptors work by altering the hormonal & homeostatic process of our bodies.  

There are known harms to human health from EDC's. Exposure has been linked to cancer, diabetes, obesity, disruption of thyroid function, disruption of corticoid function, early onset puberty, ovarian failure, PCOS, irregular periods, decrease in sperm quality, decreased fertility, alterations in neurological function.


Common EDC's used in our every day life include personal care products, antibacterial soaps, clothing, cosmetics, household and industrial cleaning products, and oral contraceptives.  They are found in the air we are breathing, the water we are drinking, and the soil that grows our food.  The list could go on! Why wouldn't you want to avoid exposure if you can? 

One easy swap is making the change to a clean deodorant.

My personal favorites for deodorants are from Agent Nateur and Primally Pure.

Reasons to switch from a conventional deodorant: 

  • Parabens: These are preservatives that allow the product to last longer by preventing mold or bacteria growth, BUT have been very closely linked to endocrine disruption + breast cancer.

  • Fragrance: This masks body odor + makes you smell slightly floral or shower fresh, BUT is a mixture of 3,000+ chemical ingredients and the cause of countless serious health issues.

  • Aluminum: This blocks your pores to prevent sweat and keep you dry all day long. Aluminum blocks your pores to prevent sweat, therefore blocking detoxification; studies have revealed aluminum is connected to detrimental diseases like Alzheimer’s and even death. Stop putting a toxin on an area of the body meant to detoxify!

PP's non-toxic deodorants are made with simple, organic ingredients that are 100% natural and safe. They are formulated for sensitive skin, with a small amount of baking soda to keep 
you smelling great. Not to mention, no aluminum, parabens, fragrance, triclosan, talc, propylene glycol, or 
anything artificial.

One of my most favorite non-endocrine disrupting and non-toxic products is the Charcoal Deodorant by Primally Pure.  It  contains a small amount of baking soda to combat odor and is fortified with kaolin clay (powerful detoxifier) and non-nano zinc oxide (soothes irritation). Truly works! The activated coconut charcoal contains added detoxifying benefits while also deodorizing and disinfecting. Goes on virtually clear and doesn't stain clothes.

Agent Nateur is the gold standard for clean beauty. Their non-toxic holi(stick) deodorant was their first product which developed out of necessity after Agent Nateur founder, Jena Covello, learned about the adverse health effects of heavy metals found in traditional deodorant and antiperspirant products. Agent's deodorants are a staple for me.

I tend to oscillate between these options. Which one are you going to try first!?

Use code: functionalfnp10 for 10% off your purchases at Primally Pure

Use code: greenagent for 22% off your Agent purchases at Green Medicine

*codes are evergreen, meaning they do not expire!

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