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Serving Patients Since 2013

Green Medicine of Wisconsin has evolved from our collective experience of over 40 years in medicine. We strive to stay at the cutting edge of technology and are early adopters of promising new technology. The treatment of Lyme disease and associated infections is a large component of this practice.

The Clinic: The Clinic

Since our inception in 2013 we have treated patients from 24 states, two foreign countries, and have become the premiere location for the treatment of Lyme disease and co-infections in the upper Midwest.

Traditional medicine is based on illness rather than wellness. Green medicine is molecular medicine which goes to the molecular level to make each cell healthier.

When this is accomplished the body begins to work as it was designed to work. Simply put, it is like fertilizing a plant that is not doing well; you simply give it what it needs to flourish. The body works in much the same way. Individuals must be willing to make appropriate lifestyle changes to accomplish this but the results can be amazing.

*Green Medicine of Wisconsin Founders: Dr Green and Karen Green

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The Clinic: The Clinic
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Our Logo

The five leaves of the Green Medicine of Wisconsin logo represent the five major areas addressed in this practice to assist people on their journey to health and wellness: inflammation, nutrition, toxins, hormone balance and emotional/spiritual health.

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What our patients say:

The Clinic: Testimonials
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"I highly recommend Green Medicine of Wisconsin!
My experience with Evelyn Andersen and the staff exceeded my expectations. Their expertise and genuine desire to help you reach your personal health goals are truly obvious.I have to add.  This is the BEST health care provider I’ve ever been to."

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“The beauty of direct pay physicians is that they are working for the patient, not an insurance company or government entity. Savings from negotiations with hospitals, labs, and other health care support companies can be passed on to patients. This allows patients and their doctors to decide what tests, imaging studies and procedures are actually needed. This model is a true partnership between a physician and patient. The insurance game is played by having patients return time and again in order to deal with their health issues, necessitating different level office codes and repetitive copay amounts. In a direct pay practice, time is allocated to address most issues in one visit and physicians have the time to spend with their patients in a more efficient manner. Over time, copay amounts for several visits actually are more expensive for the patient than in a direct pay to physician model. Patients may still submit the physician’s charges to their insurance for reimbursement should they desire. In short, direct pay for health care makes more sense, eliminates control over your health by third parties, and is more cost effective.” (excerpt from

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